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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients from anywhere using smartphones, tablets or computers. A televisit is an appointment using these technologies.

What type of visits can be done with Telemedicine?

ADHD and Mental Health Follow ups , Fever, Rash, Pink eye , Allergy Symptoms, Sleep Issues, Some Well visits, And many more.. 

How to schedule a Telemedicine visit?

Call the clinic at 773-906-5160 or send us an appointment request. 

Let’s Have a Great Telemedicine Visit

Have you and your child in a well-lit room, as quiet and free if distractions as possible.

We know you are home, so it is okay if we see your pets or other children- it’s fun for us!

Collect and have with you:

  1. Your child’s current temperature, taken before appointment begins.
  2. A flashlight or light source so we can look at your child’s throat.
  3. Your child’s current weight
  4. Name and location of your pharmacy

Use a smart phone or a computer with a camera and microphone.

A few minutes before your appointment one of our staff members will call you to ask a few questions and then connect you with the provider.

Your provider will have you assist with your child’s exam, like encouraging your child to say “ahh”, show us a rash or take a picture of the rash and send it via patient portal.