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Well Child Care Schedule

Your child should have a wellness exam once or twice a year.

  2 - 4 DAY Weight check following Newborn Discharge from hospital
  2 WEEKS Newborn Screen
  2 MONTHS Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTaP) Vaccine #1
Injectable Polio (IPV) Vaccine #1
Hemophilus Influenza B (HIB) Vaccine #1
Hepatitis B Vaccine #2, Pneumococcal Vaccine #1
Rotavirus Vaccine #1 (oral), Developmental Screening
  4 MONTHS DTaP #2, IPV #2, HIB #2, Pneumococcal #2, Rotavirus #2, Developmental Screening
  6 MONTHS DTaP #3, HIB #3, Pneumococcal #3, Hepatitis B #3, Rotavirus #3 Seasonal Influenza (when applicable), Developmental Screening
  9 MONTHS Hematocrit (blood test to detect anemia), Developmental Screening and ASQ Form, Fluoride Varnish
  12 MONTHS Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) #1, Varicella (Chicken Pox) Vaccine #1
Hepatitis A Vaccine #1, Pneumococcal #4, Developmental Screening, Fluoride Varnish
  15 MONTHS DTaP #4, IPV #3, HIB #4, Developmental Screening, Fluoride Varnish
  18 MONTHS Well-child Visit, Developmental Screening and ASQ FormFluoride Varnish
  24 MONTHS Well-child Visit, Hep A #2, Developmental Screening, Fluoride Varnish
  30 MONTHS Well-child Visit, Development Screening and ASQ Form, Fluoride Varnish
  3 YEARS Well-child Visit, Developmental Screening, Vision check, Hemogloin and Lead Screen, Fluoride Varnish 
  4 YEARS MMR#2, Varicella #2, Developmental Screening
  5 YEARS DTaP #5, IPV #4, Varicella booster (if not received earlier), Developmental Screening, Hemoglobin and Lead Screening 
  6 YEARS Well child visit, Hemoglobin
  7 - 11 YEARS Annual well child visits, 
  11 – 12 YEARS Tetanus booster with Pertussis (Tdap), Meningococcal Vaccine #1 (A,C,Y,W strains), Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (3 dose series), Hemoglobin annually for all menstruating females, 
  12 - 15 YEARS Annual well adolescent visits, PHQ-9 Depression Screen 
  16 - 19 YEARS Annual well adolescent visits, Meningococcal Vaccine #2 (A,C,Y,W strains)Meningitis B vaccine #1, 2 dose series, PHQ-9 Depression Screen 


*We recommend annual influenza vaccines between August and December - Beginning at 6 months

Individualized screening for Anemia, Cholesterol, Tuberculosis and Lead are based on exposures and risk factors.  The above appointments are billed to your Insurance Company as Well-Child Visits.  Some vaccines may not be covered by insurance.  Please contact your carrier for verification.